Chapter History

May 16, 1982

The organizing meeting was held at 3:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Willie Marvin Harris, Organizing Regent. Mrs. Donald Douglass Duncan, State Regent, announced the name selected and approved for the chapter; Rancho Purisima.

All of the organizing officers were present and installed by the state regent. Honored guests assisting in the meeting were: Mrs. Robert L. Sperry, Vice President General; Mrs. Charles K. Kemper, State Vice Regent; Mrs. Earl C. Kamp, State Parliamentarian; and Mrs. Louis Wagner, Director, District VII.

Other guests: Mrs. Harvey W. Kincaid, State Advisor; Mrs. Wann L. Wilkes, Past Director, District VII; and Mrs. George S. Childs, nominee, Director, District VII.

Taking office in the Rancho Purisima Chapter, NSDAR, were: Mrs. Harris, Organizing Regent; Mrs. James C. Draper, Vice Regent; Mrs. James L. Robertson, Chaplain; Mrs. Robert D. Swayze, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Arthur Bilotta, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Stanley R. Swanson, Treasurer; Mrs. Donald L. Seavy, Registrar; Miss Diane E. Harris, Historian; and Mrs. Elmer L. Schick, Librarian.

Other organizing members of the chapter were: Mrs. Albert D. Boosing, Mrs. Robert G. Carlton, Mrs. Douglas W. Clay, Mrs. Norman C. Dooley, Mrs. Leonard J. Emry, Mrs. Thomas M. Grothe, Mrs. V. Stephen Henderson, Mrs. Leroy C. Homer, Sr., Mrs. Willard J. Houston, Mrs. George H. Jacobson, Mrs. Charles Ketchel, Mrs. Homer A. Montgomery, Mrs. Edgar L. Olson, Mrs. Donald J. Palmer, Mrs. Lawrence S. Reimer, and Mrs. Henry E. Waterman.

The Rancho Purisima Chapter, NSDAR, chose to honor the rancho that took its name from La Mission La Purisima Concepcion de Maria Santisima (Mission of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Mary), the eleventh mission to be established in California. The buildings are directly along the original route of El Camino Real; the King's Highway. Plans for this mission were made as early as 1779.


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